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Knitted sweaters men

Here you will find your knitted sweater for men. Here you will find everything from knitted sweaters for active work and outdoor life as well as for everyday use. Choose a single-colored uniform sweater with reinforced panels or a pattern-knitted everyday cardigan.

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Knitted sweaters for men

Here we have gathered our entire mixed selection of knitted sweaters for men. Here you will find everything from various Christmas sweaters, louse cardigans to military garments. We are a store that offers clothing from strong brands when it comes to new production of classic military garments and we therefore have several different models of just knitted military garments such as BW Pullover and NATO shirts.

Here you will find both knitted sweaters for everyday use as well as when you are looking for a knitted cardigan to keep you warm when working and outdoors.

The knitted sweater as a work garment

That knitted sweaters are good for keeping warm is probably not news to anyone. The knitted sweater is very airy in the fabric, which provides good insulation from the heat against the body. Therefore, it is not directly surprising that the knitted cardigan is a popular garment when it comes to work shirts for outdoor use. The military knitted cardigans are very functional here as they are usually equipped with reinforced panels, which is practical when working in the garment.

Knitted sweaters in the military

Knitted sweaters are common in both the military and other government agencies. In the military, for example, our BW pullovers are a civilian version of the knitted sweater used by the German defense Bundeswehr. The NATO shirt is also a classic military shirt that is knitted.

In Sweden, knitted sweaters are used by the Armed Forces, the Police, the Coast Guard and Customs, among others.

As we offer clothes from brands such as Brandit and MFH, which are specialists in newly producing military clothing, we of course have knitted sweaters that are largely identical to knitted sweaters for military use.
Knitted cardigans of various kinds

As you have probably already seen, we have knitted cardigans of many different kinds. Here you will find everything from everyday knitted cardigans, knitted work sweaters, knitted uniform sweaters to classic Norwegian louse cardigans. A finely knitted sweater makes the knitting barely visible, but which still keeps the nice feeling as it is in a knitted garment. A classic single-colored sweater where you can see the knitting gives a relaxed style.

Since, as we mentioned earlier, the knitted sweater is a perfect garment when you are looking for a warm sweater.

Pattern on knitted sweaters

When it comes to knitted garments in general, patterns are often involved in some way. It can be a pattern where the entire knitting is single-colored but where the knitting itself is done in such a way that the knitting gives a pattern. An example of such knitting is the classic cable-knit sweater.

But then there are also the garments that are knitted in different colors where the knitting instead forms a pattern. Here you can find regular striped knitted sweaters, but then there are the slightly more advanced ones where stars, snowflakes or lice knitting are inserted into the fabric.

Today the knitting is done mechanically and this makes completely different possibilities for patterns in the knitting. Today we can find knitted sweaters with largely photorealistic patterns. This is something we are reminded of every year around Christmas. It is actually the case that the ugly but fun Christmas sweaters have become a classic feature at Christmas and can be seen in pretty much every store.