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Men's Sweatshirt

Men's Sweatshirts.

Here you will find the sweatshirts that we have in men's model. We have here collected our most popular sweatshirt but there are also some sweatshirts under TV / FILM that are not found here.

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Cool sweatshirts men!

We have here collected the absolutely coolest sweatshirts available online. We have everything from brands like Tapout to Jack Daniels. It is important not to miss out on who is a sweatshirt and a longsleeve shirt. It is described when you click on the shirt but here we have listed both sweatshirts and longsleeve shirts.

What is a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is like a hoodie but without a hoodie you can describe it quite simply but to go a little deeper into what a sweatshirt is so you can say that it is a type of thick sweater and they are usually soft and comfortable and that they are warmer than a so-called longsleeve. The model is usually quite straight and works a little better under a jacket than for example a hoodie does.

So in summary, the sweatshirt is also called a college sweater a thicker garment that you often have on top of an undershirt. Long-sleeved is an undershirt like a T-shirt fixed with long sleeves.

The sweatshirt is often made of cotton and is round necked.

The Sweatshirt's History.

The sweatshirt was originally made as a workout garment or garment used in various types of physical activity. The sweatshirt began to be used as university jerseys at American universities where the shirt began to be printed with the university's name.

But from the beginning it was a training garment that you could pull over your head after, for example, the running pass.

Pullover sweatshirt.

Normally, the sweatshirt is a so-called "pullover", which means that the sweater is pulled over the head and lacks a zipper or buttons to open.

This means that the thick sweatshirt keeps heat very good compared to other garments such as has a zipper.

Sweatshirt with print.

The sweatshirt has always been a popular garment for those who want warm clothes with print. What makes the sweatshirt a very great item to print on is the lack of pockets and seams over the front and back.

If you look at a hoodie for example, the hooded sweater often has a kangaroo pocket on the front which means that the surface for the pressure decreases sharply. The sweatshirt, which usually has a front side without pockets, therefore becomes a larger cloth for the pressure to be put on and also easier to apply the pressure on.

Many of our sweatshirts have great stylish designs from as well as clothing brands as well as TV series with Gas Monkey Garage and Sons Of Anarchy among other things.
Sweatshirt, sweatshirt or sweater. What is the difference.