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Mens zip hoodies

Dive into our collection of zip hoodies for men. Function meets fashion - ideal for every occasion. Don't miss our latest styles!

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Zip Hoodies

If you are looking for stylish zip hoodies then this is the category for you. Here are a lot of variants of cool hoodies with zipper, both with and without print. The canvas focuses on cool clothes for anyone who wants that little extra that is visible. This is the webshop for those who want to be able to choose hoodies for both everyday and party, and also in many different colors. Scroll through the models to see what is available, check out the pictures and read the information about them, then you will get a better picture about the hooded sweater that you are interested in.

Comfortable and practical zip hoodies

A hooded sweater with a zipper is practical and comfortable, except that it is stylish, of course. It is smooth because it can easily be snapped up if you suddenly feel warm. Have we not all come from outside and gone into a store and wished we could take some of our clothes? With a zip hoodie it is loose, no hassle of pulling it over your head. It makes it perfect for those days that are a little too chilly for just a t-shirt, but where you can still get too hot in a thicker shirt. Being able to snap up zip hoodies gives you more opportunity to vary how you wear it and you can advantageously match it with something neat to wear underneath.

A hoodie with a zipper can also be experienced as a bit more styled than a hooded sweater without a zipper can do. Match it with a pair of stylish pants and a pair of dressed shoes and you're ready for the office. Because it is available in different thicknesses, it can also be used as a jacket during spring, summer and autumn. Choose a thinner model for the summer and a little thicker for spring and autumn - perfect for the days when a jacket gets too hot.

    Smooth on and off

    Easy to vary your outfit

    Perfect instead of a jacket spring, summer and autumn

Zip hoodies for everyone

In our range of hoodies with zippers we have several different variants and sizes available. Here you will find everything from stylish tighter models to hoodies with a longer, loose fit. You will also find models without sleeves, perfect over a t-shirt during a bit cooler summer days. But it's not just different models that you have to choose from. At Oddsailor we have a wide range of sizes and you will find sweaters from S up to sizes like 3XXL, which means sweaters that fit most, not only size but also tastefully. Many people like to crawl into a zip hoodie with a hood when it is a little more rough, and preferably in a slightly larger model. You can easily see which sizes are already available when you scroll through the products, without having to click in on the variant you are interested in.

We also have hoodies in different price ranges so that everyone can find something within their budget. In addition, we have discounted products for those who are looking for a real bargain. In other words, you can choose and choose between a variety of zip hoodies in our range and of course we update the range regularly.

Zip hoodies with print

Do you like zip hoodies with cool prints? Here you will find hooded sweaters with zipper that have all sorts of types of print, how about dragons or some print from a movie or TV series. There are hoodies with print at the back, at the front and with print both front and back, here it is just about taste and feeling when you choose.

Most of our zip hoodies with print are black, as print is usually more prominent and effective against a black background. But you will also find some other colors if you prefer. Regardless of the color of the shirt, the pressure keeps high quality and the difficulty may be choosing which pressure to wear on your shirt. If you want some tips when choosing a zip hoodie with print, you can take help from our customers and see which grade they have given the different shirts. A clear advantage if you might be in the election and qualifying between two or more models. Some prints that are extra popular are:

    Sons of Anarchy print

    Push with dragon

    Known quotes

Zip hoodies without print

If you prefer hooded sweaters without print, but still with a zipper, you will find several options at Oddsailor. For those who want a hooded sweater in a classic look that can fit in most contexts, there are single-colored zip hoodies in for example gray, black and white. These shirts are very popular with our buyers. If you want to put a little more color on life, you can choose a hood sweater in for example red and blue. Here, too, we have made it easy for you and you see under the picture which colors each model comes in. Remember, however, that the range is changeable and that goods can sell out or be replaced.

If you are looking for something without pressure but want something a little more special there are variants that are not only monochrome, but have nice details. There are, for example, models that look like shirts, or models that are multi-colored or with patterns. If you just want some small detail on the hood sweater, there are models with stripes on cuffs and pockets, pockets in different color, anorak cut at bottom hem and back.