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Here you will find a wide range of licensed posters and movie posters.

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Movie posters with movie covers

When new films come out, the cinemas post about the films. When the seats in the cinemas stop being filled, the films disappear from the cinema screen and are replaced by new films. This then also applies to the posters. Old cinema posters are taken down and become useless, at least for the cinema.

But the big movie posters with the powerful and lavish covers have become real collectibles.

With an increased interest in both TV series and movies, the popularity of its merchandise has also increased. In this range of merchandise you will find newly produced posters and in the range we find all types of motifs where the covers are now only a part of the range.

Surely we all dream of building our own home cinema? No home theater is complete without having some classic movie posters posted around the wall?

Posters in high quality paper.

All our posters are printed on a high quality 200 gram glossy "fine-art" paper. Simply a standard quality poster with motifs from your favorite movie, TV series or character.

Movie posters

In our range of posters, you will find several famous characters and motifs taken from the feature film world. Here are scary horror characters like Freddy Krueger, Annabelle, Chucky and Jason Voorhees. Superheroes and their obvious enemies in the form of supervillains. Here we find Batman, Superman, The Joker and Wonder Woman, among others.

As previously mentioned, the movie poster has become a real classic thanks to cinemas and rental shops, where the posters were used for a short period to then be taken down and possibly then reused in private use.