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Here we have collected all our rockabilly clothes. There are both women's and men's clothing on this site so just browse through all the stylish rockabilly clothes.

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Rockabilly is a music genre created by Bill Haley and his Comets, Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips in Sun Records, among others, when they made rockabillyn bigger around 1954.

The music is a mix between country and blues, it is one of the earliest forms of rock music.

Rockabilly clothing

As you can see above it is a lot of swing dresses and on the men's side Rockabilly consists of a lot of jeans and shirts. What is most often associated with the rockabilly style is, after all, 50's and 60's clothes where there were a lot more shirts and jeans but above all they were shirts and clothes with nice patterns. When it comes to the ladies side it was the classic swing dresses and the small short cardigans that have been synonymous with the rockabilly style.

But of course there are and then there were also nice T-shirts with print and you mainly have nice hot rods on print. The Rockabilly style actually develops very much as new material is used that was not used in the 50s and 60s but still has the same lovely style.

We have a really big assortment of rockabilly clothes, but also 50's and 60's of clothes that you can see above. We think you will find your new rockabilly shirt or rockabilly dress here with us as we have a very wide range that is also really affordable.

Rockabilly theme

It has become increasingly common for meetings, parties and weddings where you have rockabilly as a theme. This is a great way to be a little unique and come from the everyday life we ​​live in right now. At the same time, many people have this wonderful style as their lifestyle just like rock clothes or hipsters.

Rockabilly is what was previously called rock and has probably in recent times made it more and more different, but probably because the rock has changed and become harder, rockabilly still has a more pleasing undertone than the modern rock has.

About our rockabilly dresses

As you probably already saw, we have a lot of rockabilly dresses and very many are from Belsira or Rockabella. But when you buy a rockabilly dress do not forget to buy for the skirt as it is the one that makes the dress stand out as beautiful as you see in the pictures. So for these dresses to really come into their own, it might be wise to buy a skirt.