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Clothes in M90.

M90 is a camouflage pattern used on Sweden's defense force uniform system 90. The camouflage has a splinter pattern with geometrically distinct shapes whose designs are in accordance with Swedish nature. The colors alternate between dark green, light green, navy / black and beige.

The camouflage was introduced during the 1980s and replaced the former single-color olive M59.

The M90 has been nicknamed the Leaf Pile and the nickname has not only come out of the colors / pattern, but the nickname came mainly when the earlier models in the uniform rustled.

Variation of M90 camouflage is M90K.

The basic pattern is the camo that goes in green shades but for this there is also a variant of desert camouflage called the M90K. There the colors are changed to beige, beige-green, gray and brown instead. This camouflage is used by the Swedish international peacekeeping forces in e.g. Afghanistan and Liberia.