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Trousers children

Here you will find all our stylish trousers in child size.

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Camouflage pants children

We always work to bring in a good range of children's clothing and camouflage has been popular among our trousers. We have practical trousers for children in the army style or which can just as well be used as work trousers. Which are durable and perfect when the child is out playing.

Shorts for children

Here it can be a wide range with different pants that you can consider as favorites. But some that can be perfect as fine trousers but at the same time are very practical are the cargo trousers which, in addition to being stylish, are often a little more spacious and practical to wear.

Even jeans for children usually work perfectly as a type of fine trousers, but always keep in mind that children should be able to play and have fun and do not like tight-fitting trousers, so always choose jeans with a type of stretch so that they can play and have fun.

How to choose the right pants for your child

The style that we aim for is always from person to person, but there are a few small things that you can think of when choosing the right pants for your children. Normally, it is not comfortable with some pants that are too tight or are too stiff, so the first thing you can start from is if you yourself would like to wear this material.

The second is to try to look for the right type of material in any case when it comes to the slightly more snug models, so it is good to check so there is elastane in them as this gives it a completely different roughness and the material will then not feel so dull as it does with heavy cotton.

If you like the baggy style of your child, you do not have to be so careful with the material in the pants, but there it may be the cuff that is the only place where it fits.

We hope that your child will be overjoyed when you have bought new trousers from us and if there is something you are wondering about, do not hesitate to contact us.