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Here we have gathered all our children's clothes that do not fit into our other categories.

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Children's clothing in different models

Here you will find very mixed it can be anything from masquerade costumes to stylish clothes that have not fit into any other category on the page, all that is in this category are children's products. It can be stylish camo clothing or why not stylish single color sweaters. However, it is a bit mixed on this page.

Stylish gifts

Here you can find great gifts for the fanatics such as a box of blankets and slippers to match. But also nice bags in 3D or towels with your child's favorites on. We hope you find your gifts here with us.

Stylish bags from Paw Patrol

We have received a lot of great bags in the popular children's TV series Paw Patrol. But if you want to see all our Paw Patrol products, please click on the link.