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Superman Shield body

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Superman Shield Body

Who hasn't dreamed of being like Superman? Being able to fly over the city and save the world with superpowers? Unfortunately we can't offer super powers, but we can offer you the chance to dress your child as a real superhero with this superman Shield Body.

With its iconic Superman shield printed on the front, this body gives a feeling of superpower and invincibility. Made of 100% cotton it is both soft and comfortable for your little hero child to carry.

We offer this body in sizes 6 months and 12 months, so whether your child is newborn or already started exploring the world on their own, they can rock this cool body and pretend to be superman for a day.

So give your child the chance to feel like a real superhero with this superman Shield Body. Who knows, maybe the first step for them is one day saving the world? "It's a bird, it's an airplane, no, it's my baby in its Superman-Body!"

  • officially licensed merchandise

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