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Route 66

Here you will find our wide range of clothes with motifs that pay homage to the legendary country road U.S. Route 66. Here you will find T-shirts, tank tops, sweaters and more with the most classic Route 66 prints.

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Clothes with American Route 66

In our store you can find a wide range of clothes with motifs that pay homage to the classic American country road U.S. Route 66. The highway, also known as the Will Rogers Highway, was one of the original highways in the United States highway system. The road was built along old carriageways and was officially opened as a country road in 1926.

Route 66 originally ran between Chicago, Illinois and Santa Monica just outside Los Angeles and covered a total of 3,940 km of road.

Route 66 is not just a country road but its logo has become a strong symbol for the United States and is above all very popular in motorcycle circles. It is therefore not uncommon for the Route 66 emblem and motorcycles to be seen portrayed side by side on both clothes and paintings.

Nowadays, Route 66 is a popular excursion destination and many choose to have a motorcycle to get along the road.

Roadtrip along Roue 66.

Today, Route 66 is a popular excursion destination and several companies offer tours along the nearly 4,000-kilometer-long road. It is not entirely uncommon for these tours to take place via motorcycle and you then have to drive through beautiful unique nature as well as large and small cities.

Here you can both enjoy life and just feel the peace of sliding along an eternally straight road or the history that takes in all the incredible history that the road offers. The road, for example, was one of the main roads when people moved west in the 1930s. A severe drought that was then met by strong winds created reduced agriculture and large sandstorms. People then fled west and the crisis came to be known as the Dust Bowl.

T-shirts and other clothing with Route 66.

The t-shirt is the most common garment when it comes to merchandise. It is therefore obvious that we in our range of merchandise with Route 66 print have a wide range of just T-shirts. But we have managed to combine this with also being able to offer the Route 66 logo on tank tops, hoodies, baseball shirts and more.

Many of the clothes have the classic Route 66 logo printed on the chest. There are both worn vintage-like logos or completely untouched versions of the logo.

As Route 66 is so strongly associated with the motorcycle culture, it is obvious for us to also offer printing with the combination of motorcycles and Route 66.