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Banksy Balloons raglan 3/4 shirt Banksy Balloons raglan 3/4 shirt 2 Banksy Balloons raglan 3/4 shirt 3

Banksy Balloons raglan 3/4 shirt

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Banksy Balloons raglan 3/4 shirt.

Banksy is a world-renowned graffiti artist who is famous for his imaginative artwork that always has a message in the art.

On this nice raglan sweater with 3/4 arms, there is a chest logo with a Banksy work.

The original artwork is located on Palestine's side of the western bank wall.

Some exact meaning has not yet been given by Banksy himself, but what people see as meaning of the work is that one day in the Palestine will overcome the segregation created with these walls.

One can also see that it is a child raised by the balloons and perhaps it is a symbolism of the hope that the children are those who will overcome these obstacles/barriers in the future.

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