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Yes, here you have the famous but anonymous artist's work on clothes. Banksy is known for his satirical and subversive graffiti paintings. Often his works are political or social comments.

He paints on toilets, streets, walls and bridges as some examples.

Banksy's real name or age is not known but he is believed to have been born in Yate around 1974.

His paintings have become really expensive and recently as we write this, his work "Game changer" was sold for a record amount of SEK 198 million. It's a painting of a little boy playing with a superhero nurse doll and the classic superheroes Batman and Superman are thrown in the trash. This painting first appeared in a hospital in Southamoton.

The painting "Show me the Monet" was sold in the autumn of 2020 for SEK 87 million.

Banksy has made many famous paintings around the world with his messages.

Banksy clothes

Here on this page we have collected many of Bansky's famous motifs on clothes and if you want to spread his message further, you have many of his works above.