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Motörhead kläder

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Motörhead is born.

After a concert in Canada in 1975, British band Hawkwind throws out 30-year-old Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister. The reason is the member's dogma abuse that other band members do not tolerate. Lemmy goes home to England to shortly put together his own band where he himself plays bass guitar and sings. Other band members will be Larry Wallis on guitar and Lucas Fox on drums.

The band was supposed to get hot Bastard but the name was not liked by the band's manager. Instead, the band was named Motörhead after one of the songs Lemmy wrote in his previous band - Hawkwind.

Already the year after the band was formed, drummer from Lucas Fox switched to Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor.

Larry Wallis wanted a further guitarist believed that Motörhead would actually be a quartet. But then they recruited guitarist Eddie Clark, who managed to arrange a free rehearsal room in Chelsea. Once there, everyone showed up except Larry Wallis and the band started without him. After a few hours, Larry showed up and then left the band after the rope. Motörhead then continued as a trio and from the original set it was only Lemmy left.

The band lasted for a few years without reaching the big breakthrough but in the early 80's it finally released. The big reason for the success is the hit song "Ace of spades" which was released on the band's fourth album of the same name. We must now see Ace of Spades as an immortal classic.

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister.

Lemmy Kilmister's life has influenced the whole view of Rock N 'Roll life. He was born on Christmas Eve 1945 in Staffordshire, UK. However, as a child he moved from England to Wales and is said to have been given the nickname "Lemmy" which was slang for Englishman.

In 1967, a 22-year-old Lemmy moved to London where he worked as a rower for the now legendary Jimi Hendrix. There, it is believed that Lemmy's drug and alcohol abuse took off and became part of his everyday life.

In 1969, Lemmy took the step towards his own career in music and joined the band Hawkwind. However, he did not remain in the band for more than 6 years, when the other band members decided that he would be thrown out of the band due to his drug abuse. However, Lemmy did not let this stop him, but instead he quickly launched a new band project that was eventually named - Motörhead.

In Motörhead, Lemmy quickly became the front figure and remained so throughout the band's 40-year lifespan. His life can be summed up briefly with the classic expression sex, drugs and rock n 'roll.

In 2015, 4 days after his 70th birthday, Lemmy fell asleep due to his prostate cancer and heart failure. Just two days before his departure, he had been told that he had an aggressive cancer and was then told that he had only a few months left.

After Lemmy's sudden passing away, the two remaining members Mikey Dee and Phil Campbell decided that Motörhead would go to the grave with his inonated front figure.

Motorhead merchandise.

Motörhead as a band went to the grave in connection with Lemmy's passing in 2015, but the music that the band delivers will live long after their dissolution, if not forever. Motörhead's heavy and uncompromising music with Lemmy's raspy voice continues to go hot in our speakers and something that also lives on is then also their merchandise.

There is still a great demand for Motörhead's T-shirts, hoodies, interior design and more. This may not be so strange as the band is one of the world's most iconic rock bands, Lemmy is one of the world's most iconic rock legends and besides, the band's well-made merchandise is worthy of the band.

Motörhead's merchandise has been as popular as their music for several decades and continues to deliver. At least one T-shirt from Motörhead should be a stand in every rocker's wardrobe.

Motorheads Warpig - Snaggletooth.

The band is legendary, the singer is legendary and even the logo is so legendary that even people who do not listen to rock know where the logo belongs. Of course, we talk about the iconic logo depicting the crazy white wine Snaggletooth.

Snaggletooth was already born on the band's debut album in 1977 and was then printed on the album's cover.

You can find snaggletooth on just about all the merchandise from Motörhead. From masks, interior details to T-shirts and other clothes.