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Kiss kläder

Official merchandise from KISS.

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About the band KISS.

When the legendary band Kiss is about to enter the stage, it sounds in the speakers "You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world! KISS!" and then the band delivers its magical music.

Kiss is an American hair band formed in 1973 in New York. The band then consisted of Paul Stanley (guitar), Gene Simmons (bass), Peter Criss (drums) and Ace Frehley (guitar). The former are still members of the band and are also the ones who created Kiss together.

The band is well known for their make-up and theatrical stage clothes.

Kiss T-shirt and other Kiss shirts

The t-shirt with the favorite band is very classic and especially within the rock. There it is more or less standard that the rocker has a whole bunch of bandits in the wardrobe. As one of the world's largest rock bands of all time, the Kiss T-shirt is obviously for many rockers.

It is therefore not very strange that T-shirts with different rock bands have appeared a bit everywhere along with the fact that worn rock fashion has become a common fashion in the world. But here you will find real Kiss T-shirts designed as real band marches should be.

If you want something warmer, we have different types of Kiss sweaters instead where you can choose between hoodies or sweatshirts.

Merchandise with Kiss Army

It's hardly a secret that Kiss has an extremely loyal fan base. Kiss t-shirts you can see everywhere in the world and the music is completely timeless. But like many other bands and musicians, Kiss also has its very own official club for the fans. The fan club is the band's official fan club, but the name is sometimes used as a nickname for Kiss fans in general. Of course we talk about Kiss Army.

We have a whole bunch of merchandise from this fan club.

KISS clothes

Above, we have collected all kiss clothes we sell. It's everything from hoodies to T-shirts and everyone has their unique prints whether it's from gigs or tournaments or songs they've done.

We hope you like all of our Kiss clothes.