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Tote bags

A great selection of stylish Tote bags with licensed motifs from beer brands, TV series, films and more. The Tote bag is flexible as it can be easily rolled up when empty and takes up minimal space. When you then need to carry something with you, you simply pull out the Tote bag and fill it with your packing.

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Stylish Tote bags with print

In our wide range of cloth bags you will find really nice prints from your favorite beer, your favorite TV series or film and much more. Motifs that are unusual to find on the fabric bags. Here you can find everything from famous logos from superheroes to terrifying motifs.

If you're looking for a fabric bag that's a little nicer to carry around or that can help you set the style, we have the fabric bags for you. If you are instead looking for ugly and boring cloth bags, we ask you to look further.

Because fabric bags have never been prettier and tougher than these!

Cloth bag or Tote cloth bag?

There is an old saying that reads "a dear child has many names" and the dear fabric bag is just such a product. We call it different things, but the meaning is often the same product. The classic fabric bag made of simple cotton fabric with a long carrying handle.

In the beginning, you often bought the cloth bags in grocery stores to reduce the use of plastic bags, or you got a boring cloth bag from some company with an unimaginative PR department. Those companies that thought they were creative when they printed the company logo on tote bags, ice scrapers and pens.

But today the fabric bag is much tougher than that. For now, we have made it possible to carry a cloth bag with your favorite film, TV series or favorite beer.

Totebag leffe

Is the Tote bag an environmentally friendly alternative to a plastic bag?

The answer is both yes and no. The cloth bag is supposed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bag and the paper bag, but the fact whether it is more environmentally friendly is determined by how many times you use your cloth bag.

How many times do you have to use a cloth bag?

Yes, how many times do you have to use the cloth bag for it to be a better alternative for the environment. A study carried out by the UK Environment Agency shows that a cloth bag must be used over 131 times to be considered more environmentally friendly than the plastic bag. But if the plastic bag is used to throw household rubbish in, the figure rises further to 327 times.

However, these are only numbers that can be used as benchmarks as the environmental impact of the plastic bag is determined by whether the bag is reused and whether it is recycled, incinerated or ends up in nature.

What does the Tote bag contribute to then?

Yes, what we must not forget is that the fabric bag is meant to be reused many times. This means that the consumption of plastic bags is reduced. You reuse the same product for a long time and hopefully long enough that it even becomes more environmentally friendly from the manufacturing aspect.

Then we haven't even mentioned that the fabric bag is also significantly better looking. It is much more fun to walk around with a nice fabric bag with a large, nice print than a plastic or paper bag with the food chain printed on the bag.