Net shawls

Here you will find a wide range of net shawls, also called Scrim scarf. As the garment is developed for military operations, they are often patterned in camouflage, but are also available here as single-colored.

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Here you see our wide range of net shawls. The net shawls are made of so-called scrim nets which are traditionally used as camouflage by the military. The military can use scrimnets on helmets, weapons or as shawls. You can easily unfold the shawl and place it over your head.

Thanks to the net's wide meshes, you get good vision through the net, but from the outside, your face will be camouflaged.

Net scarf or Scrim scarf

Net scarf or net scarf is probably the name that most naturally strikes a layman when you look at the garment. But since the net is called a scrim net, the shawl of the net will often be called a scrimcarf or scrim shawl.

The function of the mesh sheath

The mesh shawl is actually surprisingly warm and acts to some extent as insulation against the neck. It is also lighter than similar military garments such as shemagh. But since it is a military garment, the most important function is to act as camouflage.

It is therefore not so strange that the garment is often used by snipers, in English called snipers. The sniper can pull his scrim over his head like camouflage and sink into his surroundings. Often, the sniper rifle itself is clad in a screen so that it too will sink into its surroundings.