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Draupner ring

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Draupner ring.

Draupner (also called Dröpner or Drapnir) is the ring worn by the god of the god Odin. The ring was forged by the two dwarfs Brokk and Sindre who then donated the ring to Oden.

The ring was magical and every ninth night it dropped eight new rings from Draupner. The dropper is therefore the name given to the ring (Draupner).

When Oden's son Balder had died, Oden placed the ring on Balder's chest before his body was burned to a fire. Balder then sent the ring back to Odin from the underworld with the help of his brother Hermod.

     Magical origin
     From Nordic mythology
     Historical origin
     Stainless steel
     Worn look

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