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Remove before flight tag.

Remove before flight tag is a textile mark that is used on removable components in aircraft and spacecraft. It is usually a red ribbon that sits to mark a protective cap or pin that sits to prevent movement of different parts. Thus, protection that is used on the ground but which must be removed before lifting.

The ground staff have a checklist of things that must go through before the aircraft or spacecraft can lift and these protections are then included in the checklist. It is not entirely unusual for the "Remove before flight" tag to be attached to the checklist in order for the removal to be verified.

These tags have started to be used as key rings or on various garments. At first, it was mainly aviation enthusiasts who wore the red tags but nowadays it has become a trend to use these cloth marks on their clothes.

The main garment to wear the fabric mark today is the old MA-1 pilot jacket that we know best as a bomber jacket.

60% polyester 40% cotton

About 12.5 x 2.5 cm

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