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Military caps and army caps

Here you will find our collection of military caps, perfect for both style conscious and history enthusiasts.

From classic camouflage caps to modern designs, we offer caps that combine tradition with trend.

Choose a cap that is not only an accessory, but also practical and part of a proud history.

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Here you will find our wide range of military caps, where historical authenticity meets modern style. Our range includes everything from the classic army caps that saw their first service during the Korean War to trendy modern versions that complement a slightly more urban outfit. Whether you're a military history enthusiast or looking for a unique touch to your everyday style, our range of military caps has something for you.

Our military caps come in a variety of designs, from authentic camouflage and traditional M90 caps to custom designed caps for the Marine Corps. Each cap carries a story and offers a combination of comfort and style that fits perfectly with many different clothing styles.

Dive into our selection and discover how a military cap can transform your outfit. Each cap is designed to offer both function and fashion, making them more than just a practical headwear.

What Defines a Military Cap?

Military caps, also known by different names depending on the country of origin, symbolize a rich history and versatile use. From the classic army caps, known as "patrol caps" or "field caps" in the US, these caps have a long and interesting history. Originally introduced during the Korean War in 1951, they became a memorable feature of the US military uniform.

Swedish Military Cap and its Design

These caps are characterized by their flat top and a slightly shorter brim than traditional baseball caps, making them distinctly recognizable. The original design in olive green was meant to blend into war environments, but today the military cap has been transformed into a trendy accessory. Thanks to its versatile design, it goes well with a range of clothing styles and areas of use.

Caps In The Military And Their Several Colors

While the historical original was in a camouflage olive green shade to blend in with the colors of nature, today there is a wide range of color choices to suit every individual style. This versatility makes the military cap a valued part of both military and civilian wardrobes.