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Fur hats

Here you will find all our fur caps and caps with ear tags.

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Fur hats in different shapes.

The fur cap is one of the earlier variants of hats since they have been used in severe cold and with the ear patches you can choose if you want the downed or if they should be tied up if it is warmer or cooler outside.

During the winter war with Finland in 1939, thousands of Russians died of hunger and cold due to poor organization and lack of equipment. This led to the Red Army introducing new winter clothes and sometimes a new fur cap based on the Finnish example in order to have a warm cap under the helmet so that they would not appear. Then only one cap had made them more visible and easier to damage.

The more modern fur caps.

Now more it is a cap that is mainly used in colder climates and is used where its purpose is originally for. Keeping your head warm when it is extremely cold outside.

However, more and more it has also become a fun thing as well as a fashion in wearing fur caps.

Here with us we have a large selection of fur hats but also a variation of the classic Ushankan.