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Knitted beanie

Here you will find all our stylish knitted hats.

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The knit hat.

Yes, we probably have one of the earlier models that has now become more modern and modern in recent years. The hat has been a warming garment since the very beginning and above all it has been to not freeze and the function is still as clear as today. In the past, however, it was not a fashion item that it is today, but was used almost exclusively for its fantastic properties such as keeping your head warm when it was cold outside and knitting was common in the past and in that case it was probably the most common hat. However, if you were to warm up really well, it was the fur caps that mattered.

Now it is more an accessory to its style while taking advantage of its features such as warming, but above all, the knitted hat has gone from being a garment that is used solely to warm with when there is so much more materials that hold the heat better. However, not many people wear today's knitted hats and they are available in both cotton and polyester fabrics.