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Waist bags

Here we have collected all our different waist bags from different brands and manufacturers. The waist bag is the perfect mini bag to have for valuables or packing you want to have easily accessible.

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Do you need to be able to carry a lighter pack with you?
Do you need to be able to have smaller packing readily available?
Do you need to keep your wallet, passport and other things away from pickpockets?
Then the waist bag is perfect for you!

Here you will find a mixed assortment of waist bags with different practical functions and designs. Here you will find everything from discreet waist bags that you can easily hide, to waist bags that can be converted into large backpacks.

If it is a waist bag you are looking for, then the probability is high that you will find your waist bag here!

Waist bag, stomach bag or belt bag?

As they say, a dear child has many names. The waist bag is by no means a newly created product and it is therefore not surprising that it has been given a few different names over the years. Waist bag, stomach bag and belt bag usually refer to the same type of bag. The one we wear in a belt around the waist. Therefore, it is also only the name waist bag that we can see usually for the bag, although the name stomach bag is used as often.

The waist bag is thus a small bag that you originally carried on your belt. But today, waist bags almost always have their own belt, which makes them easy to remove. The waist bag functions as a type of complement to pockets and handbags.

Waist bags have actually been found way back in time and the earliest examples are bags from the migration period. That is, during the Iron Age. Even in Sweden and Norway waist bags from this era have been found.