Tops without print

Here you will find all our tops without pressure. Many tops have nice laces or lace fabrics instead of print.

Here you will find everything from retro garments to stylish simple tops.

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Stylish tops for party.

We have a wide selection of stylish tops that are suitable for parties as well as everyday. Many of our tops without print have details that make the tops unique and make the top a little more than a simple top. This makes the tops in combination with a pair of leggings or jeans lift the whole style and fits perfectly as a party top.

So if you are looking for an elegant top to be able to combine with a pair of trousers at a party, our range will not disappoint you.

Would you rather have a top with some nice print then we have a category with only such tops here.

Stylish rock tops without print.

When you think of rock top it is easy to snow in on a worn top with some belt pressure or the like. But the fact is that a black top with details like lace fabric, corset lace or rivets can be really neat.

Much is about how to match the top with a base. Take a pair of artificial leather leggings to a corset lace top and you get a really dark rock look. If you combine it instead with a pair of jeans you get a fairly casual yet tough style on your look.

Worn tops.

Peaks with tears and wear cause an otherwise quite simple garment to have a tough rocky style. These tops really lift the whole style so a pair of classy simple pants is good enough, the style is already created by the worn top.

Among worn tops, there are both tear and washed fabric that has the nicest wear in the textile.

Tops with color.

Since our focus is rocky clothes, you might not be surprised when you see that the majority of our tops go in black and dark colors. But sometimes you want to put a little more color on your look and we have therefore picked a lot of tops in all possible colors.

Here you can therefore find red peaks, blue peaks, olive green peaks, peaks in neon colors and more.