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Tops with print

Here you will find all our tops with nice and rocky prints.

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Tops with nice print.

We chase new stylish clothes every day and something that we have here are stylish tops with print which we often have a little rockier motifs on and you can see lots with different models of tops.

Difference between top and T-shirt.

What distinguishes the top from the T-shirt is often the collar, which on the t-shirt is slightly tighter, while the top is often a wide collar. Even in the model you often have a different sleeve end than the classic t-shirt. But there are many different variants that can give the top its appearance.

What you can see in this category are tops with linen which means two in one top. Where you have a fixed linen underneath with a top that is often scratched so that you can see the linen through the top to give the garment its unique and stylish appearance.

But there are many other models such as lacing or with net fabric. Here the models are very many and really stylish if we can say it ourselves. We always try to find the unique and we hope you feel really comfortable and stylish in our tops.