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Retro Satinjacka

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Product Description:

The satin jacket is also called Souvenir Jacket.

The story behind that name is very interesting. Satin is something that is known to originate from China and has been used extensively in the Asian countries for centuries.

The Satin Jacket (Souvenir Jacket) also originates from these regions and has been a classic jacket in Japan for many years.

During World War II, soldiers brought satin jackets home from Japan as souvenirs and suddenly the jacket became a classic for American soldiers.

During these years, much has happened to the jacket, but it is not uncommon for the jacket to be found with big brodies with tigers and dragons that it once had from the Japanese culture.

Here you have a version of the shiny American jacket that became common in the post-war period.

Jacket 98% Polyester satin, 2% Elastane
Feed 100% Polyester

  • souvenir Jacket
  • satin Jacket
  • Classic jacket
  • Exciting story
Size Width Length
XS 49 cm 56 cm
S 51,5 cm 58 cm
M 54 cm 60 cm
L 56,5 cm 62 cm
XL 59 cm 64 cm

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