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Ladies hoodies without print

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Ladies hoodies without print

Are you eager to buy a new hoodie but you don't want any pressure on it? Then you've come to the right side. Here at Dunken.se there are hoodies without print in several different styles, sizes and materials. You can get them with long sleeves, short sleeves, thick material or thinner for the summer. We have a hoodie for every occasion and for all tastes, so you will surely find a sweater that will fall into your taste.

Hoodies without print are not just a hoodie

There are a lot of different models of hoodies without print and here you will find many of them. The traditional hoodie is a sweater with a hood that you pull over your head, but we also have zip hoodies that become more like a sweater and jacket in one. We have variants with pockets, both those with the traditional pocket on the stomach and those with pockets on the sides, which is common on zip hoodies. A hoodie is always right, both during a cool summer evening and during the jacket a cold winter day. There is nothing more cozy than crawling into a lovely and soft hoodie when you feel a bit chilly.

The brands today vary in hoodies in an infinite number of models and they come with long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves. You will also find hoodies that are of a longer model and those that are a little shorter in the model. If you want a figure-close hoodie when you are out in the running tracks then we have it, as well as anorak models that are smart to use as a jacket. However, our range is changeable and goods can be paid out, and new goods may be added. Therefore, we advise you to take a look at our website from time to time so that you do not miss a new stylish product.

    Different models

    Different lengths

    With or without sleeve

Hoodies without print in different colors and materials

When you choose to buy your hoodie without pressure from us, you will see that there are hoodies in a variety of colors and materials. We have comfortable sweaters in colors such as black, gray and green, but also in different patterns such as camouflage. With our hooded sweaters you can count on a stylish and tough style that gives you more attitude than you already have. Some of the shirts also have details such as laces, stripes on cuffs or for example leather details. It will not be difficult to find a hoodie, it will rather be difficult to be able to limit yourself when you click on "add to the shopping basket".

Our hoodies also come in various types of materials. We have of course variants in ordinary cotton and cotton in combination with other materials. But here you will also find super-beautiful comfortable and cozy variants in teddy material and melange for a really lovely feeling. The material can be crucial for when and where you use a hoodie. A model with thicker fabric can just as easily be used as a jacket. When you click on a product, you will come to the hood row's own page where you will get more information about the shirt such as materials, dimensions, colors and delivery time. Already when you scroll through our range you can see which sizes the product is available in, without you even having to click on the product.

Hoodies without print for all styles and sizes

If you want a hoodie without pressure to use for everyday, at a party or when you want to feel a little tougher, then you can find the right variant here with us at dunken.se. There are those who are ideally suited to work for a professional and stylish style, while others may be better suited when training or taking a coffee break on the town with the poles. If you would rather have a slightly tougher style, you can bet on the bomber model or a biker model, they have a little more attitude. If you like oversized, you will obviously find it when you roll in the assortment. We work constantly to ensure that there are tough models, unique designs and sizes that suit everyone.

When it comes to sizes you can, as mentioned above, see the sizes already when you scroll through the page. The minimum size we offer is XS, but not on all models, and some of the shirts are up to size 5XL. We have really tried to make your shopping easier and you see immediately if your size is missing, then the size below the product is not displayed. You see even if it is in stock for faster delivery, then the size is in green. If it is instead in yellow then the delivery takes a little longer.

    XS 5XL

    Tough and everyday

Easy to order hoodies without print from Odd Sailor

When you choose to place an order with us, it is as easy as possible. You can immediately see if the shirt you are interested in is in stock or how long it takes for us to deliver it to you if it only exists at the supplier. Then just click on the shopping cart button and it is in your shopping cart. When you go shopping, you go to the cashier and pay.

If a product is in our warehouse, the delivery time is only a few days. For products that are not with us, but are available from our suppliers, it may take a little different time for them to reach you. However, the time span is always stated on the product side. With us you can shop safely and pay with several different payment methods, all of which are safe.

    Fast delivery for goods in stock

    Cheap and fixed shipping cost

Hoodies without print as a gift

If you want to be able to give away one of our stylish hoodies without print as a present, it is no problem. Of course we have the right to return. You can therefore safely botanize and find the perfect gift for the girlfriend, the polar or whoever you want to give one of our hoodies. Here you will find hoodies for everyday and party, in tough style and in sporty style, it is just to choose the one (s) you want to give away. Take a round of our other assortment, you might find more gifts or something for yourself.