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Washed long dress

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Washed long dress.

A really awesome long dress that despite its straight fabric has so many nice details that make the garment so amazing. Where should we start?

The dress has large openings at the arms that leave your sides blown in a really neat and elegant way.

On the back, the dress is cut up in ribs, which also reveals the back.

The pages are then open on the dress at the bottom, which gives both the dress a nice look, but also makes the long dress easy to move.

Last but not least, the dress has a very beautiful rocky vintage look with its stonewashed fabric where the black background is adorned with a gray pattern.

This dress is simple in its shape but stunning and unique in its look.

100% cotton


  •      Long dress in cotton fabric
  •      Stent-washed fabric
  •      Open arms
  •      Cutting fabric in back
  •      Rocky dress

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