The Walking Dead

Here you will find all possible merchandise from The Walking Dead. Everything is official licensed merchandise.

The Walking Dead.

The United States has suffered a zombie epidemic and what dies does not remain dead, but begins to wander about to eat all the living that comes its way. Survivors are becoming more and more unusual, but those who remain are trying to fight the hordes of zombies they encounter, while trying to build a new life in this apocalyptic new world. Not only that, people fight each other in rival groups in an eternal power play.

Merchandise from The Walking Dead.

We are many who have been stuck in front of our TV screens and stretched watching every season of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead. We all probably have something else in common and that is that we all probably thought about what you had done yourself during a "zombie attack". Where to go? How to get food? How do you protect your loved ones? The foundations are many and probably we all do not have to know what would really happen.

So long as we get some nice merchandise from the TV series TWD, where we can at least look like we are ready for the worst.