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Jurassic Park Clothing & Accessories

Dive into 'Jurassic Park' with officially licensed clothing and accessories. Discover T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more.

The magnificent creatures on the motifs are prehistoric, but the clothes are of course new and modern.

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Explore prehistoric times with our Jurassic Park range

Welcome to a prehistoric world where magnificent but previously extinct creatures come back to life! Our Jurassic Park range offers a unique collection of apparel and accessories for all fans of this groundbreaking film series.
From classic T-shirts, warm sweatshirts and cozy hoodies, to mugs and other cool stuff, our range is designed to take you on a journey back to Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Two islands that look calm and harmonious from the sea, but if you step ashore, you do so at the risk of your life._

Because here reigns our earth's largest carnivore, which has just been given new life.

Dress up for the adventure

Every garment in our range is a tribute to Jurassic Park's iconic scenes, characters and quotes. Whether you're looking for a cool T-Rex t-shirt or a hoodie that shows your love for Velociraptors, you'll find it here.

Our clothes are the perfect outfit for movie nights, theme parks or just to show your fascination with dinosaurs in everyday life.

Gadgets from another age

In addition to clothing, we also have a large selection of "Jurassic Park" items to transform your home or office into your own version of the park. Our mugs are perfect for morning coffee or as part of your collectibles. Each gadget is carefully selected to bring the magical and exciting feeling of the movies into your life.

Merchandise that is taken directly from the islands' now closed souvenir shops.

Shop the merch with confidence

When you shop with us, you can always feel safe.

We offer:

  • 100% officially licensed merchandise that guarantees authenticity and quality.
  • Dedicated customer service that is ready to help you with all your questions and concerns.
  • Minimum 30 days open purchase, with our free customer club extending this to 90 days and giving you access to exclusive offers.
  • Knowledge and experience since 2003, making us a reliable partner for all your merchandise needs.

Discover our "Jurassic Park" range today and join the adventure!