Child Cap Marvel 7010 (58 cm)

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Product Description:

Captain America child cap 7010.

A gray-haired, stylish child cap with Captain America logo in black 3D embroidery.

Captain America was created during World War II and has since become one of the main characters in Marvel's series of superheroes in the Avengers group.

His actual name is Steve Rodgers and Steve was denied military service during World War II. Steve really wanted to fight for his country but never got the chance .. Or yes, not until he was adopted into a research program to pick up super soldiers.

Steve Rodgers was a successful expriment and he gained superpowers in the form of greatly increased strength, speed and other physical abilities.

Unfortunately, the creator of his superpowers was killed and he became the only super soldier America managed to get. He then became the icon Captain America.

  • Polyester: 84%
  • Approx. dimensions: 58 cm
  • cotton: 16%
  • Colour: Grey

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