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Mens underwear

Here in the underwear category men you will mainly find boxer shorts and socks but below you can find among all underwear.

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Men's underwear.

Here we have collected everything that we class as underwear but also men's nightwear. Especially you will find here boxer shorts and socks. There are many different models of underwear and one is usually the T-shirt but we have our own category for this one is also an outer garment so you are looking for basic t-shirts that you can wear under a shirt or similar you can look among our t-shirts without print.

Large pack of underwear.

We have also recently tried to get a large pack of our underwear, since they often use the same type of socks or underpants but of course want a good price on these. So we got a lot of 5-pack of standard boxer shorts from, among others, Jack & Jones, which we have at a really good price.

There are also socks with large pack in single color or multicolor variants in men's model for example from Jack & Jones but also from urban.

If you think there is something more that should be made of big pack, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a solution to it.