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Wild moon T-shirt

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Product Description:

Wild moon T-shirt.

The distant screams are getting closer and closer, and the screaming in your head is almost deafening. The blood is pounding in your head in a way that makes it feel like your skull is about to burst. The bones in your body crack and the skin stretches painfully over the pulsating muscles that grow at a furious pace. The conversion is complete.
Again, the curse moon has allowed your curse to expose. The werewolf within you has been released yet again. He is hungry. He has to eat.

The victim will be the first living that comes your way. No mercy or empathy is shown here.

A really delicious motif of a terrible werewolf. On the front you see his profile as he roars and shows his sharp claws. On his back you see him roaring in the full moonlight.

100% cotton

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