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Wild moon longsleeve

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Wild moon longsleeve.

The very second you see the full moon creeping forward between the clouds you hear a roar within you that seems to come from an abyss of your body. But during the long roar, the yelling comes ever closer to finally being completely deafening.

You know how the blood starts to pump and pump into your skull to almost feel like the skull is going to explode. Your bones in your body begin to crack and twist in various unnatural positions and your skin stretches at the same time as the muscles swell at an insane speed.

The last thing you see before your consciousness disappears is how the hair begins to push through the skin of your hands and sleeves. The eyes suddenly change color and what just where you disappear from the consciousness.

The transformation is now complete. The werewolf within you has been released and he is hungry. He has to eat.

A fantastic looking longsleeve with a roaring werewolf in two different motifs on the back and chest. On his sleeves, the blood traces of his victims are visible, the only thing that can remind you of what happened when you wake up after the night's activities.

100% cotton

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