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Viking Wrap allover longsleeve

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Product Description:

Viking Wrap allover longsleeve.

A lonely viking stops and the snow springs around him in the winter night. The battle is over and he bends down his head and falls handlessly down in the snow below him.

Death has been his daily life on his warfare with other vikings where they plundered and killed everything that came in their way. But now it's his turn and his eye cavities are carbon black where his eyes once used to sit.

But while mourning this fallen warrior, you are bowling in Valhall, where you are welcome a new hero around the table. In Valhall he will fight the giants and then resurrect each day and then party on the pig Särimner with his brothers.

This nasty longsleeve has a print that stretches around the entire shirt. On the front you can see the Viking face in the winter night and on the back you will find a skull from a former fallen warrior.

100% cotton

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