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MA1 Bomberjacket men

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MA1 Bomberjacket men.

The MA1 jacket is a bomber jacket (also known as a pilot jacket), which was originally manufactured by the American Air Force and started to be manufactured in the mid 50's.

The bomber jacket B-15 is its predecessor but the new MA-1 jacket had some new features that increased both the comfort and safety of the pilot wearing the jacket.

Among other things, you added the orange lining that was useful if the pilot ended up in distress. The pilot could then turn his MA-1 jacket out, which made him light up in the orange color, and the pilot became easier for the rescue to get an eye on.

The MA1 jacket is the bomber jacket we usually associate as a "genuine" and classic bomber jacket even though it is just one in the line of different models of bomber jackets developed by the American Air Force.

What all the models of bomber jackets have in common is that they were initially designed to cope with the challenges that pilot jackets face. This makes them both warm and resistant to wind and water.

100% nylon on both lining and outerwear.


  •     MA1 = Classic bomber jacket
  •     Warm jacket
  •     Durable nylon fabric

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