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M-65 Jacka

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M65 jacket classic.

The classic field jacket M-65 in new vintage with removable lining, hidden hood and lightweight waist.

The jacket is really beautiful material and classic style from Brandit. Are you looking for a real M-65 jacket, this is an absolute must.

The M-65 jacket was used by the US military especially during the Vietnam War, where the jacket was useful for keeping the soldiers warm after the monsoon rain.

Now the jacket has become a fashion jacket that, in addition to their features, is also a nice piece of clothing for both parties and parties.

Material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton.

Lining: 100% cotton.


Size 1. Width 2. Length 3. Sleeve length
S 56 cm 79 cm 68 cm
M 59 cm 80 cm 69 cm
L 62 cm 81 cm 70 cm
XL 65 cm 82 cm 70 cm
XXL 68 cm 83 cm 71 cm
3XL 71,5 cm 84 cm 71 cm
4XL 75 cm 85 cm 71 cm
5XL 78 cm 86 cm 71 cm
6XL 83 cm 87 cm 71 cm
7XL 88 cm 88 cm 71 cm

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