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Never Too Loud hoodie

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Product Description:

Never Too Loud hoodie.

If it's too high you're too messy!

Hard rock should be played on a volume that causes your skull to shake off the pressure. At least if you will believe the message of the subject in this hoodie.

On the front is a print with a skull that rages to the loud sound of the music in his headphones. The background reveals the noise level where MAX on the volume has begun to glow.

On the back is a skull whose boiler forms the well-known hard rock character you do with your hands. What this matters is often different, since some believe that the fingers are a symbol of the devil's horn while others believe that it is the symbol "Corna" which is a protection from the evil eye.

In this case, the meaning is sunny when the fingers form horns on this demonic skull.

100% cotton

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