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About Oddsailor your clothing store online.

Dunken.se saw its light first in 2003 by selling party gadgets. After a few years, we started printing fun shirts and that's where our trip started to resemble the page we are today.

We moved into premises shortly our suppliers of shirts that worked in the profile industry and thus we ended up as a busy business where we both made custom-designed shirts for private individuals but also a lot of companies. We have always strived to have as good quality as possible on our clothes and do not want to sell something that we would not bear.

Today's Oddsailor, however, has let go of what pressure is called and only focuses on selling clothes from established brands and is a pure e-commerce.

The service is also definitely one of our most important parts, and therefore invests a lot of our time in order to be better at making your customers happy. We really hope we can give you a shopping experience a little out of the ordinary and you will be pleased with the goods you choose.

We hope you enjoy our range of services and services.