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InnovaGoods Beer Tap

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Product Description:

Insert a beer can according to the instructions on the video and drain the can of beer into glasses. Gives a wonderful taste and a lovely foam on your can of beer. The beer tap has an ultrasound that converts the beer's caboxylation into micro foam, which gives a richer aroma to the beer and enhances the texture and aroma of the beer.

     Made of ABS
     Modern and elegant design
     Easy to use, assemble and store
     Compatible with 33, 35, 44 and 50 cl containers
     Supplied with 2 containers for containers
     2 operating modes:
         Lever pressed for serving beer
         Lever pressed to the rear for the production of foam
     Base with drip tray for glass and collection of foam and beer scraps
     Battery powered (2 x AA, not included)
     Dimensions approx: 12 x 41 x 18.5 cm

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