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InnovaGoods Automatic Irrigation Balloons (Pack of 2)

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Product Description:

Irrigation balls (2)

If you have these balls in your flower pot, your flowers will be watered easily and effortlessly.

The beads capture the air bubbles in the soil and add even amounts of water for several days, providing even and balanced irrigation.

Fill the glass ball with water, push the rod into the soil and press until then small amounts of water are released into the soil every day.

Ideal for watering flowers when traveling, longer absence etc.

  • Set of 2 irrigation balls in glass
  • Crafts
  • Modern and creative design
  • Volume per ball approx: 350 ml
  • A ball is sufficient for irrigation for about 10 days
  • Height approx: 29 cm (diameter of the ball approx: 9 cm)
  • Suitable for watering all types of plants both indoors and outdoors
  • Packaging with text in 24 languages
  • arm

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