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Superman Doormat

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Product Description:

Superman doormat.

Superman or Stålmann, which he is called in Swedish. Here you have his well-known logo printed in black on a door mat.

If you feel like a superman or simply a big fan of the serial figure, this is the door mat for you.

Superman is a superhero with super powers and actually comes from the planet Krypton. However, he was sent away from Krypton by his father and mother just before the planet exploded and then landed on the planet Earth and the small town of Smallville.

The superman is actually called Kal-El but was named Clark Kent. Clark Kent is a reporter for the Daily Planet but when something is threatening, Clark quickly looks up a phone booth where he switches to Superman Superman.

  • Coconut fibre surface and PVC base
  • Approx. dimensions: 60 x 40 x 2 cm

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