Dark Unicorn Fleece Blanket Dark Unicorn Fleece Blanket 2

Dark Unicorn Fleece Blanket

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Product Description:

The legend of unicorn tells of a beautiful creature that is to be the absolute purest of creature available. Killing a unicorn is a terrible sin.

You can actually find many stories about unicorns when looking back in time and in Europe, it's the Greek doctor Ktesias who first writes about Enhörningen. This he made about 398 BC. He tells of a wild, flashy and violent white horse with horns that is impossible to catch alive.

This unicorn, however, is not as pure and good as the unicorns we grew up in the saga books. This unicorn has a pointed horn and a man adorned with various jewelry.

Perhaps this dark version of the unicorn is even the horse of death?

100% polyester

150 x 200 cm

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