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Vin och flaskställ

Here you have all our stylish wine rack and bottle rack.

Per page:

Wine set in forging figures.

Here you can find really stylish gifts in the form of a wine rack as a wrought iron figure. Coming with just one wine bottle is good but imagine being able to combine it with a wine rack in figure with something that the person likes.

Here you have a fantastic opportunity to buy a nice wine bar with their favorite hobby. Unfortunately we cannot sell the wine, so you have to solve it yourself, but we gladly solve it.

Beer rack yourself or give away.

In addition to the wine bars we have, there is also a nice all-you-can-see box. Of course, openers should be included. Perfect to bring when you go away or when you give it as a gift, fill it with 6 cold beer. The person who does not appreciate this does not exist?