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Steampunk clothes

Here you will find all our steampunk clothes.

About steampunk.

Or as in Swedish steampunk a word developed from cyberpunk. It is a type of science fiction that comes from the industrial revolution in the late 18th century.

Typical of steampunk are visible mechanics, gears and brass.

Steampunk clothing.

We have a lot of clothes here in the so-called steampunk fashion or on the Swedish "steampunk" which is based on steam engines, air balloons and other technology from the industrial revolution.

Since these clothes usually have a lot of details and with print over large parts, there are also the clothes where you see it originates from this time in both form and style.

This fashion has also been used extensively in cosplay with many different stylish outfits as they can get many stylish details while being an elegant fashion.

With us at Dunken you will find many stylish clothes with everything from corsets to hoodies.