Goth clothes

Here you will find all our stylish Goth clothes.

About Goth.

Goth is a music style and a politically untied but originally comes from punk. Supporters of this style of music are usually called gothars taken from the English name gothic.

Gothen's history begins in 1970 in England and the first real goth band is considered to be Bauhaus.

Goth clothes.

The most important thing about goth culture is the goth clothing. Which is completely unique in its style since it is common to sew up completely unique clothes, but even as we have, there are stylish garments where it usually goes in the dark with elements of purple, blue or red in addition to the black ones most often has the upper hand in this clothing style.

This style of clothing usually goes in waves and has changed over time with what is popular. Sometimes it has been with a mix of band jerseys but also skirts and dresses are very common.