Oktoberfest kläder

Here you will find our Tyrolean dresses that are perfect for your Octoberfest. Besides that, you will find everything that suits this amazing German festival.

Oktoberfest Clothes.

Here we have collected all our delicious October party clothes and then of course the dresses and leather pants are in focus. For this big party that takes place in Germany during the month of October, it has always been associated with the clothes.

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a traditional German beer festival that takes place in late September and early October each year. It started for the first time in 1810 and is now considered the world's largest folk festival. These festivities last for 16 days and what you can often see is the beer served in one liter scans.

It is usually arranged as large tents as where the people live and it can be so large that 10,000 guests can fit in the same tent.

Dirndl dresses.

We have here on the site a lot of nice dirndl dresses that you can see above. It is a traditional Southern and Austrian attire for women, the word means girl in the local South German dialect. It usually consists of a skirt or dress, blouse and apron. The blouse is usually white and is made of lots of material but usually cotton and silk.