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Here you will find all our shoes in child size.

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Kids size shoes.

Here we have collected all our shoes that are child-sized and that is everything from indoor shoes to gym suits or rubber boots. What many of our children's shoes have is that it is often one of their favorite shows on the shoes. For example PAW Patrol or why not The Avengers.

Boots for rainy days.

You can also find here children's favorite boots with a series of heroes. When the child is going to be dry, you can do it in style. All rubber boots are mixed with the other shoes here on the side so just scroll through to find them.

Cozy children's shoes in size.

We have several different stylish and lovely indoor shoes that are easy to put on but also a little taller that is even more cozy when it is really chilly outside like the Hulk's 3D high indoor slippers.

Gym shoes with LED.

Also, do not miss all the stylish gym passes that are available in different colors and with different characters on but also which have LED lights that flash when the children run or walk.