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Product Description:

The Paw Patrol Backpack 3D.

A cool backpack from Paw Patrol with the puppies Chase and Marshall printed in a material that causes the puppies to stick out of the backpack.

Paw Patrol's puppies Chase and Marshall. Chase is the police and traffic puppy who is of the German shepherd breed. Chase manages the traffic during rescue missions and then uses his spy equipment to track distressed people.

Paw Patrol is considered the group's second member and first puppy after the first member Ryder who is human and leader.

Marshall is the group's firefighter and Dalmatin. Marshall's job is to look for fires, extinguish them and save animals from high altitudes with their fire ladder. He also has first aid equipment with X-rays where he can X-ray injured people and take care of them if necessary.

Something that distinguishes the damatin puppy Marshall is also his ability to constantly hurt. Marshall is very clientele which means that one of his most used replicas is "I'm okay!".

Marshall is considered the group's third member after Ryder and Chase.

Material: 60% polyester 40% EVA.
Dimensions: approximately 25 x 31 x 10 cm.
Color: Red and blue.

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