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Motörhead Lemmy Warpig T-shirt

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Product Description:

Motörhead Lemmy Warpig T-shirt.

A merchandise for the British hard band Motörhead.

The t-shirt is not only a tribute to the legendary band, but also a tribute to their perhaps even more legendary singer Lemmy Kilmister who unfortunately passed away in 2015.

The remaining two members of the band chose to die the band along with its iconic singer.

In 1975, Lemmy was kicked out of his old rock band Hawkwind due to drug abuse. Very shortly thereafter, Lemmy went to England and started a new band along with drummer Lucas Fox and guitarist Larry Wallis.

The band's name was supposed to be Bastard, but the manager disregarded the name and instead, the name became Motörhead, which was taken from a song from Lemmy's previous band. A song that was created by Lemmy.

Motörhead was born now and became one of the most iconic bands in rock history along with his vocalist Lemmy, one of the rockiest world's most iconic singers.

100% cotton

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