Dark Unicorn longsleeve top with lace

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Product Description:

The legendary unicorn is said to be a beautiful creature that should be the purest and most beautiful of creatures in the fairytale world. To kill one unicorn is said to be one of the most wicked things to do.

But maybe the story is distorted and the truth darkened? Perhaps the creature is not as good and pure as the fairy tales want to make it like?

Perhaps the unicorn is even the horse of death, which with its terrible horn shakes souls on the people who come in his way.

Although this unicorn has a beautiful facade, it's an evil creature that's here to take you over to the other side.

This stylish longsleeve top has one arm in a patterned lace upholstery and one shoulder is wearing the same stylish fabric.

95% viscose 5% elastane

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